What is the Christian Meaning of a Candy Cane?

Did you know the iconic classic Christmas sweet actually symbolizes much importance in Christianity?

Yes, it’s true, the holiday candy we all know, celebrate with, and eat every Christmas actually has a Christian symbolic meaning. The color, the shapes, and the sweet minty taste of a candy cane all uniquely represent Jesus in their own way.

Let’s start with the shape of a candy cane. The cane shape is made in the shape of a shepherd’s staff. The curved shape also stands for the letter “J” meaning of Jesus himself when we turn it around. I for sure never knew that!

A candy cane is classically known to be red and white, it just wouldn’t work any other way. But the red and white colors weren’t chosen just to represent the colors of Christmas but something much bigger. The red symbolizes the blood Jesus shed for us on the cross. Every white stripe signifies the cleansing of our sins. The red and white stripes also remind us of the healing powers of Jesus.

Moving onto the taste, the iconic peppermint flavor has a life-changing meaning! The minty taste symbolizes the ancient hyssop plant used to purify. Who knew? The sweetness that is made into each candy cane stands for the love Jesus has for us all.

So, this Christmas season when you start eating a candy cane, don’t forget about its true meaning. It’s the perfect candy to celebrate our Lord and Savior during His birthday month all season long.

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Merry Christmas!


Author: Nina
Author: Nina

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