What is The Christian Meaning of a Christmas Wreath?

Christmas wreaths are a decor tradition for many people for their front doors or windows. Wreaths have been used for hundreds of years to represent Christmas. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We tie ribbons and lights on them and then enjoy the whole holiday season. So do you know the real meaning behind having a wreath hung on your door during Christmas? There is a big reason why they are so important for our holiday. Wreaths actually symbolize Jesus.

-The round shape of the wreath represents eternity, and Jesus triumphs over death.

-Evergreen represents everlasting life and is traditional used to make the wreaths.

-The thrones on the holy branches represent Jesus Crown that he wore when he was crucified.

-The holly berries represent the blood of Jesus.

Bring out the true meaning of Christmas by hanging a Christmas wreath on your door! Now you know why wreaths are not only a wonderful decoration, but help bring out the true meaning of Christmas.

He will be our peace-Micah 5:5

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Author: Ralphi
Author: Ralphi

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