“Jesus Calling” By Sara Young Devotional Book Review

Jesus Calling 
by Sarah Young is one of the best daily devotionals books you will read every day. Jesus Calling has appeared on the major best sellers list several times, and she has sold over 16 million copies. It is brilliantly written, and Sara Young has God’s favor when she carefully writes every page of her books. You become memoized with her writing as if Jesus is speaking through her to you. 

One negative from some book critics is that Sarah Young should not have written from God’s perspective. She writes and interprets the Bible verses for her daily devotionals like God is talking to you directly. I like the way her devotionals are written. I do not find them offensive and find her writing calming and easy to understand.

“Jesus Calling”

By Sara Young

Do not miss the chance to start your day quietly, thinking of how wonderful our Lord is and the powerful words given to you every day. I enjoy her book so much I find myself turning the pages and reading a week’s worth of daily devotionals in the morning! 

Pick up a copy today and start your day off with Jesus in your heart and soul. Perfect for a new believer or someone who is looking for a great daily devotional!

Author: Tami
Author: Tami

Founder and CEO of Oak and Lee Ministry, Tami is a mom of 7 and a motivational writer. With God’s hand on her heart, Tami created O&L Ministry to not change the world but to reach one person everyday and point them in the right direction no matter where they are.

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