How to Make Christmas Live in Your Heart All Year Long

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As the Christmas lights come, the Christmas carols stop on the radio, and we go back to everyday lives, the magic of Christmas fades.

What if you could live each month with Christmas in your heart?

This year I have devised a plan to keep the Christmas Cheer alive ALL yearlong:

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On the 25th of each month, I am going to be doing five things:

  1. Send a monetary or in-kind donation to a charity.
  2. Write a kind review for a local restaurant, retailer, or small business.
  3. Support a small business (local or online) with a purchase.
  4. Give a card or a gift to a friend or family member.
  5. Bake a holiday recipe (I never have time to during the holidays).

Maybe I will wear something red, green, or sparkly to be a physical reminder of the holiday magic.

I encourage you to keep the Christmas magic alive all year round!

Author: Nina
Author: Nina

Nice to meet you, my name is Nina. I am the Bible Journalist and Theology specialist here at Believe and Rise Up. Look for my teaching articles, bible videos, questions, and answers, etc. here on Believe and Rise Up daily.

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