The Case for Christ: A Journalist’s Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus Book Review

The Case for Christ takes readers on a journey of discovering Jesus Christ through the lens of Lee Strobel.

The Perfect Last-Minute DIY Gift – Easy Lottery Ticket Christmas Wreath

This is a gift for someone that has it all or for someone who needs it all! A lottery wreath is the perfect DIY gift for Christmas, birthday, graduation, or for someone hard to shop for. Plus, it is a handmade gift, which makes it even more special.

Did you Know Being a Believer in Jesus Means That You Are Actually a Disciple of God?

GOD WANTS ALL of us to be disciples for him. When Jesus was alive, people who knew him were his witnesses, choosing to worship him and follow him.

Who Is God? Explaining, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit Bible Study

May We Introduce: God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. This Bible study gives you clear key points of who God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are.

What is the Christian Meaning Behind A Christmas Tree?

The Christmas tree is by far the number one Christian sign that the holiday season is near! Have you ever wondered what the Christmas tree means to Christians and our faith? Why as Christians do we have this tradition of putting up and decorating a tree every year? There are so many stories and legendsContinue reading “What is the Christian Meaning Behind A Christmas Tree?”